Articles & Interviews
Articles & Interviews
Articles & Interviews

An article about social practice artist Candy Chang.

My history of graffiti.

An interview with J.J. Moore, who as a teenager marched with Dr. King in 1965 from Selma to Montgomery.

My article on the Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition's March for Justice and Equality.

Pastor Mark Knutson of Augustana Lutheran is a faith leader and activist. He's a founder of the New Sanctuary Church Movement and one of the few to give sanctuary to an undocumented immigrant in the last few years. You can read my article here.

Margaret Jacobsen is a writer, mother, photographer and lead organizer of Let's Talk. This week after addressing inter-sectional issues with the Portland's Women March on Jan. 21 to protest the Trump inauguration, Jacobsen was handed the reigns as the lead organizer. Read about Jacobsen here.

Cameron Whitten is the executive director of the Portland based non-profit Know Your City, an activist, citizen journalist and member of Portland's Resistance. Learn about his citizen journalism here.

Recent article on Multnomah County's unanimous vote to become a sanctuary county.

Article on the McCoy Academy, a non-profit accredited school which helps at risk youth earn a high school diploma, faces closure due to gentrification.

Article on Portland's Resistance activists targeted by police.

My article on the most active branch of Architects without Borders in the United States, a humanitarian non-profit group which aides people hit by natural and economic disaster around the world.

A look into the diverse and complicated culture of classic cars.

My obituary for Leonard Cohen.

I met up Blaine Fontana, a busy muralist, public artist, and designer, who works from New York to London to Brazil. “When I was a graffiti writer, a lot of it, doing it illegally,” Fontana says, “there was graffiti and then there was public art. There was a huge separation; there’s a blur today.” You can read my interview here.

My controversial two part in-depth interview with Blues legend and drummer Tony Coleman, who was known as the spine of BB King's band for 29 years. He shares his memories of growing up in the segregated South and tells his unfiltered truth about being a black musician.

Kevin Newbury has worked as a stage director with the famed Santa Fe opera house, St. Louis, Boston, just to name a few. I sat down with him to learn more about his latest production of Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin, set in an 80's era USSR. Here's what I learned.

My talk with master MC and activist Mic Crenshaw. We discuss his views on growing up with Hip-Hop in the Midwest, history and how it's being played out today.

My investigative report on Portland's Post5 Theatre and its uncertain future.

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